Friday, 25 September 2009

How to Repair Phone Restricted Problem

Some time ago we received a question about how to overcome the damage Phone Restricted. Previously we have never found this kind of damage, but some time ago we discovered the damage to the phone Phone Restricted brands Nokia 3100 model.
In the cases we found, we tried to do the examination by using UFS Tornado. Mobile can be connected to either, but when viewed on the info, mobile IMEI number is not detected and only in the form of a question mark.
We tried to write UEM, but the phone still error. In theory, the IMEI number stored in the EEPROM and on mobile phones Nokia DCT-4, EEPROM contained in UEM IC. Therefore, to repair the damage we change UEM IC and recharge IMEI number. Finally phone back to normal functioning. Hopefully useful.


Anonymous said...

i have same problem same phone, how much is VEM IC