Monday, 28 September 2009

Nokia 3100 Signal Problems Repair

The signal is very important for a wireless communication device because without a good signal then the wireless communications will be hampered. In the cell phone, receiving signals from operators regulated by an IC called RF Processor.
Cases we adopted in this section is the problem of signal reception on the Nokia 3100 mobile phone. The problem is as follows: mobile phones can receive the signal but the signals up and down and sometimes disappear.
This problem comes from IC RF Processor. However, after we have done tests, RF Processor IC is not damaged. The problem is the connection between the IC RF Processor with PCB board is not perfect (lead fracture) so the reception signal becomes unstable.
To overcome this problem, we only heated Processor RF ICs using solder fumes (blower), it aims to glue the back of tin that have cracked it. After we warm up, receiving the Nokia 3100 mobile phone signal back to normal.
Basically, a system that works on a mobile phone is the same. Therefore, if we find the same case as mentioned above, we can do the same handling steps.


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