Saturday, 19 September 2009

Nokia SIM Card Repair Guide

Phone damage can occur in any part, including the SIM reader. SIM is a chip that contains the identity of the owner of mobile phone numbers. If the phone can not read the SIM card, the phone can not be used to communicate.
In a phone there is an IC that serves as a driver or booster SIM card. If the phone can not read the SIM card, usually the damage occurred in the IC. To fix it, of course, we have to replace the IC with a new one.
IC is a different location for each mobile phone, to find out you can see on the diagram scheme which can be downloaded here. If not available, you may submit a request and we will give it to you.
In addition to damage ICs, causing mobile phone can not read the SIM card can be due to a broken track on the circuit SIM card reader. To overcome this you can connect the broken line with scheme guidelines chart. In the following files you can find some guidelines to jumpers on the break point from some Nokia mobile phone.
For those of you who are interested please download the file here:

SIM card repair guide