Monday, 1 February 2010

Nokia 6300 LCD Problem

Nokia 6300 mobile phones are mobile phones which belong to the group BB5. These mobile phones have a fairly complete feature, music and camera quality is amazing.Some time ago, we received the task to repair the damage that occurs in the Nokia 6300 mobile phones. Damage occurs on the LCD, when mobile phones turned on, the screen displays only a white color but the phone can receive calls or make calls.At first we thought that the damage occurred on the LCD, but after we tried with good condition LCDs, mobile phones still show the same damage. After we did the examination on the part of the active component, there was no problem and the problem actually occurs in the passive components Capasitor.Although it rarely happens, but chances are it will stay there as we experienced. Capasitor who experience these problems is C2402. Here is the location of these components.


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