Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Secret Codes For Blackberry Phones

Blackberry has become a new phenomenon in the world of telecommunications. Blackberry is now a trend that is loved by most people. Popularity Blackberry makes some phone vendors to design products that is almost similar to the Blackberry.By the way Blackberry problem, here are some secret code that can be applied to overcome the damage on your Blackberry. Please be stored.

Blackberry Secret Codes
  • Left SHIFT + Right ALT + Del. This is master reset Blackberry. Press and hold them until LCD switched off and RED BLINKING LED. Remember, all your data in your phone will be lost.
  • ALT + Right SHIFT + Del. This is secret codes to restart Blackberry without release the battery. This codes use to refresh memory or to configure after you install an application.
Remember, all is your own risk. I Just share......