Monday, 5 April 2010

Repair a China Mobile Phones

If you want to fix or repair Chinese mobile phone, consider the following points :
  1. CPU type
  2. Flash Chip model
  3. Original software / flash file version
  4. Phone TX RX
Flash file version is very important. If you lose or do not know the original file version, you will find some problems when doing repairs, suc as :
  • Flash done but phone dead
  • White screen (no incoming / outgoing call)
  • White screen (with incoming / outgoing call)
  • Keypad not work
  • Sim card not valid
  • Sim blocked
  • Hang after power on
  • No network
  • Have network but show emergency (this problem also do for power IC or bad connect Sim or Sim connector problem)
  • Phone restart continuously
  • Etc.
Hopefully useful and thanks to Mr. Tkowsar


mobiper said...

It is very nice blog and some idea about china mobile.


sunaina kapoor said...

Gud day! i purchased Gionee M503
Problem with the Cellular Phones
gud day! i purchased Gionee M503 a month back. everything was fine but now some alphabets are missing. on screen some alphabetics like L.J,S etc is missing. like:- 1. alid)valid) 2.airt l (airtel) 3.on ine movie(online movie) plz help me n if i access internet 90% alphabets r nt visible. im in india right now no plan to *** to china this yr. bz im carring. thxs naina

mobile phone repair said...

based on what you have described, there are two possibilities, first, LCD and second there is software problem. Thanks

sunaina kapoor said...

pls mail me software or have same mobile model


vishvendra singh said...

which is the best software for spreadrum or mediatek