Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How to Repair Laptops Battery Charging Problems

Phone Repairing have good news for the visitors. Now, besides discussing about mobile repair, this blog will also discuss your laptop repair techniques. We got new speakers to write on this blog that will share ways to repair damaged laptop computer.
Ok, let's start the first discussion about the laptop computer repair techniques.The first problem we discuss is the battery problem. Just like mobile phones, laptop computers use a battery as a power source that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. However, like cell phones, laptop computers at any common problems in the charging process.There are some symptoms of damage to the laptop computer battery charging process. Here we will discuss one by one.
Laptop detects the battery but shuts off when AC adapter unplugged
When you place the mouse cursor on the battery icon on your laptop screen while the laptop is connected to the AC adapter, it show the remaining battery charge and there are writing "charging". You can see in the picture below :

The battery power meter utility (if available) also shows that battery is connected and charging. Look at the picture below :

But the problem occurs when you unplug the AC adapter, the laptop shuts off completely. If you have problems like this, here is the analysis of possible causes of damage.
  1. The battery not installed correctly, remove the battery and reinstall.
  2. The battery contacts got dirty or oxidized and the battery connection not good with the motherboard. Try reconnecting the battery a few times.
  3. If reconnecting the battery doesn't help your problem, most likely the battery is bad and has to be replaced with the new one.
  4. If you replaced the battery and the problem still exists, may be the problem occurs in the motherboard. Apparently the battery charging circuit has failed. In this case, the whole motherboard has to be replaced (or repaired on component level). 
The battery not detected by the laptop
When you sure that the battery connected correctly and the battery condition is still good, but you see the red cross on the laptop screen in the battery icon, like the picture below:

For this problem, there are several possibilities that can cause this happen, namely:
  1. Most likely the battery is bad. Try to replace the battery with the new one to make you sure.
  2. If replacing the battery doesn't help, this is motherboard related failure. You have to replace the motherboard (or repairing on component level).
The battery discharges very quickly after it reaches some critical point.
The battery detected by the laptop and charges properly to 100%. When you unplug the AC adapter, it take normal time to discharge until some critical point (ex. 75%). But after that, the battery discharges very quickly to 0%.
If this is happen to your laptop computers, it was caused by the battery has been damaged or their condition was not good. Replace the battery with the new one.

The battery charges only if the power plug positioned correctly.
You have to wiggle the power plug in to charge the battery. After you find the right position, the battery charges properly.
If this happen on your laptop, there are several possibilities that cause this, namely:
  1. AC adapter failure. The AC adapter power cable is damaged. You can test it using AVO meter.
  2. If the AC adapter works fine, most likely this is power jack (connector where you plug power adapter) failure. You have to replace the connector.
In some laptop models, the power jack is not soldered to the motherboard, it's attached to a power harness. For example you can see in the picture below:

Hopefully useful, visit this blog regularly to find new post about mobile phones and laptops repairing guide.