Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Broken Keyboard Connector on Laptop Motherboard

Before I continue my post about mobile phone repair, I paste a trick to repair keyboard connectors on the motherboard laptop. Hopefully this can be useful for all readers of this blog.
Laptops have a lot in common with mobile phones, particularly in terms of connections between parts that use a very small connector so it is easily damaged. When we do the disassembly, if not careful in removing these connectors, it will cause damage to the connector. In some areas, like in my country, parts for laptops and mobile phone connector is quite difficult to find.
On this occasion, I'll share a trick to repair defective laptop keyboard connector. If you owned a laptop keyboard connector is damaged, there are only two options you can take, namely to replace the entire motherboard with a new laptop or use the external keyboard attached via USB. Why should replace the entire motherboard laptop? As I mentioned above that the spare parts for laptop keyboard connector is very hard to find or even not available in the market. But calm down, please try tricks that I share the following will, hopefully can be useful for you who have problems with your laptop keyboard.
The following figure is an example of a broken laptop keyboard connector.
In the picture above, you can see that the lock is broken at the edges (brown part). Thus, it can not lock the keyboard cable. But still, do not waste lock because we still can use it with add a little trick. How to install the broken clip? Ok, this is the steps.
Position the broken clip the way it was before. In this case, both sides of the connector are broken. Carefully insert the keyboard cable into the connector. Note, in this type of connector, the cable goes above the locking clip. Look at the picture below.

Carefully push the broken clip back in place. You can use a small screwdriver to push on the clip behind the cable. The clip fits tightly when there is a cable inside the connector.
Then, secure the connection with the sticky tape and you should be good to go. The keyboard should work just fine. Look at the picture.