Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nokia N73 On/Off Button Problem

Nokia N73 is a Nokia phone that has a feature that is quite complete. The phone is also in great demand in the market that can easily be found in the hands of consumers.

Most problems that occur on the Nokia N73 is a disruption in the software, but it is also possible disturbances of the hardware also occur. One case of hardware malfunction Nokia N73 that I have ever found is the damage to the power button. There are several categories of damage in this section, but the worst is when the copper layer to attach the switch is broken. To overcome this we need a schematic diagram that is useful to guide us find the right path.

To get a schematic diagram of the Nokia N73, you can visit the site Schematic Diagram. There you can download various schematic diagram of mobile phones, especially Nokia. Here is a picture guide to repair damaged power button Nokia N73, please be stored.
Good luck!