Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Flashing Nokia BB5 with MX-Key

Doing flashing on BB5 Nokia phones require careful thought because the vendor has been protecting the security area. If the security area is damaged, the phone would be problematic, such as IMEI numbers into a question mark or turned into a serial number like 123456xxx and so forth.

Here are some things that can damage the security area:
  • Error flashing procedure
  • Full erase manually which resulted security area erased
  • Error write PM procedure/reprogram on eeprom area (write PM full)
  • Incomplete unlock procedure
  • Hardware changing like RAP or NorFlash
Before doing flashing on Nokia BB5, its better to backup RPL manually because if the security area damaged, we can restore the RPL file.

For step by step flashing Nokia BB5 phone using MX-Key, you can download the guide here.