Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Nokia 2330c | 2323c Hardware Solution Repair Guide

Tips today, mobile phone repair will discuss the solutions to repair hardware Nokia 2330c and Nokia 2323c. The case is the phone restart or turn off after 5 to 10 seconds.

Let us first explain the cause.

When the phone is turned on, all the voltage of the IC UEM under normal conditions (Vio, Vana, Vflash, Vcore, etc.). About 10 seconds later, the phone hangs. In circumstances hangs, Vio voltage down to 0.7 V, which should be 1.8 V. Vio voltage is the voltage required by most mobile phone components, such as LCD, cameras, radio, bluetooth, UPP, Flash IC, etc., so that the voltage Vio become overloaded. 

If less than 30 seconds phone hangs then dies, it is because the CPU does not get enough voltage to work optimally. 

Now it's time we discussed the solution. To overcome the problem of the Nokia 2330c and 2323c is very easy. We just need to do the bypass by taking the voltage from Vflash of 2,8 V. By using diodes, the voltage that received by Vio can be decreased until 1,8V. With this condition, the phone back to normal.

This is the picture guide, please download.