Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nokia 3110c LCD No Display Problems

One of the most popular Nokia mobile phone is Nokia 3110c. This is a candy bar stylish mobile phone. For the middle class, this phone has a complete enough features. Although I often found many software problems in this Nokia 3110c, but the phone very popular for the consumer.

Here is Nokia 3110c repair guide. With this picture help, you can make the trouble shooting process more easily. These pictures is about how to repair Nokia 3110c LCD no display damage.

nokia 3110c lcd problem

Nokia 3110c LCD problems is often occur that caused by the damaged IC. This is a LCD driver IC, sometimes you don't need to replace the IC but just do rehot or reball the IC, the problem solved. In addition, the problem also often occur that caused by broken path. For this case, you need to see the schematic diagram.