Saturday, 30 April 2011

Nokia 1100 | Nokia 2300 Signal Problem Repair

Signal is the important thing in the mobile phone device, because if the phone can't detect the signal, it can't do anything except take a picture or listening to the music. Here mobile repair share the Nokia 1100 and the Nokia 2300 signal problem picture repair guide. Here are the picture.

nokia 1100 signal problem

nokia 1100 signal
The picture above show you how to make a bypass way from the battery connector to the power amplifier IC. The tricks above can be done if there are a broken path or the connection quality is bad. Before you do that tricks, first thing you have to do is check the network detection manually. You can do it from phone setting menu on your Nokia 1100 and Nokia 2300, then you enter to the network menu. Change it to manual and look if the phone can detect the network? If the answer is yes, it mean the problem occur on the power amplifier series, but if the answer is no, it mean that the problem occur on the RF series. Thanks and hopefully useful.

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