Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nokia 2330 Classic Blinking | Restart Problem Repair Guide

Nokia 2330c is a Nokia mobile phone belonging to the category of DCT-4. Problem that often occur on the Nokia 2330 classic is restarting, blinking, hangs. All the problems were mostly caused by a disruption in phone software. To fix it, we can do the flashing.

nokia 2330c restart

To do the flashing on Nokia phones, we can use UFS HWK or MX-Key. However, there is one thing that must be considered by the phone technicians that the problem of software on Nokia 2330c is different from other Nokia phones. Several times I found the Nokia 2330c case of damage, the phone can be detected by the flasher box, but when flashing process is running, suddenly stopped in the middle of flashing process. The result of course be a total dead cell phone. For those of you who use the MX-Key, usually when the flashing process took place, when the erase process, will occur repeatedly.

The solution to this problem is, you must first remove the phone firmware, then you do the flashing again. I have proved this and succeeded. Good luck.