Monday, 4 April 2011

Nokia 2730 Ringer | Buzzer Problem Repair Guide

In the previous post, mobile phone repair have shared about how to repair Nokia 2700 classic problem. Here now, we will share about how to repair Nokia 2730 problem. Just like the previous post, here too we will give a picture guide, so you can immediately follow the guidance in repairing damage to the Nokia 2730 without having to see schematic diagram. The first picture that will be given for the Nokia 2730 is buzzer/ringer problem. Please download.

nokia 2730 buzzer problem

Most damage occured on the buzzer is the presence of broken components, such as path or coil. As a solution, you can do the jumpers. Some parts are often damaged in the Nokia 2730 is as shown by the picture above. Happy repair and solve your Nokia 2730 buzzer problem.