Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nokia 6030 Contact Service Problem Picture Guide

Still about Nokia mobile phone repairing guide, here, mobile phone repair will share about how to repair contact service problem on the Nokia 6030. This repair guide also can be implemented to the Nokia 1600 because between Nokia 6030 and Nokia 1600 have similar schematic diagram and component layout. Here is the Nokia 6030 contact service hardware repair guide with picture.

nokia 6030 contact service
There are two possibilities about contact service problem, hardware and software. When you found the Nokia 6030 contact service problem, first thing to do is repair with software tools like UFS Tornado (HWK), MX-Key or JAF. Here are the steps:
  • Flash your phone first
  • Do full unlock
  • Then you write the PM with a good PM. To download Nokia 6030 PM, download here
  • Unlock again
If after the process above, the phone still contact service, you can do hardware repair by following the picture help above. Finally, if you still have the problem with your Nokia 6030 contact service problem, you can contact us by using form in the right.