Friday, 27 May 2011

Nokia 5500 No Network Repair Guide

Today, mobile repair will share how to fix the Nokia 5500 no network or signal problem. One thing you must remember that before you make a decision to replace or re-hot the RF Integrated Circuit (IC), check the network availability by manual method. Go to "Setting" menu and set the network choice method to manual. If the phone can detect the network, it is possible the problem occur on Power Amplifier (PA) or switch antenna circuit. But, if the phone can't detect the network, it possible that the problem occur on RF Integrated Circuit. Here is the picture help for you to repair the Nokia 5500 signal problem.

nokia 5500 no network problem
The picture above show you the location of Power Amplifier circuit. You can try to re-hot or replace the part to repair you Nokia 5500 signal problem.