Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nokia 1200 Insert SIM Card Problem Picture Help

SIM card is a very important part in a phone, if the SIM card is not readable by mobile phones, the phone can not be used to call, send messages, and other activities that are communicative. In this case, we have some picture related to the Insert SIM Card problem on Nokia 1200 and 1208. In the image shown how to perform techniques jumpers on the SIM card drivers. If you are not expert in the field of hardware, we do not recommend you to perform this technique.

If you fail or are not careful when removing the SIM card driver Nokia 1200 from the board, will cause the foundation to install the driver is corrupt. When this happens, the phone is very difficult to repair. Therefore, in order to do this job, I suggest you be careful.
nokia 1200 insert sim card

nokia 1200 insert sim card

nokia 1208 insert sim card