Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nokia 1650 Keypad Not Working Problem Picture Help

Nokia 1650 keypad problem can be caused by several reasons like broken path or line, damaged keypad driver, dirty surface, etc. The most often occur keypad problem on Nokia 1650 caused by broken line. To repair this problem, you have to reconnect the path. Here are the picture guide to repair the broken line on Nokia 1650, Nokia 1200, and Nokia 1208 keypad circuit.
nokia 1650 keypad problem

Next, the Nokia 1650 keypad problem can be caused by damaged the keypad driver, it is an integrated circuit that has very small size. You have to replace that IC, but if you can't find the new one, you can solve it by doing a jumper technique. Here we provide the jumper guide, but we don't recommend it if you aren't an expert in the field of hardware.
nokia 1650 keypad problem

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