Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nokia 6680 Keypad Problem Picture Help

Nokia 6680 keypad problem usually caused by damaged the keypad driver, it is a small IC that the location is near the keypad connector. This IC usually damage if the phone fall into the water, fall into the floor, etc. To repair the Nokia 6680 keypad problem, we can replace the driver with the new part, but if you don't want to replace the IC, you can do a jumper technique. We don't recommend to do a jumper if you're not an expert in the hardware area because the size of IC is very small, so it need a high skill to do the jumper technique.

Here, mobile repair guide provide the pictures relating to Nokia 6680 keypad problem. The pictures show you the location of Nokia 6680 keypad driver including how to make a jumper to that IC. The other picture show you the piece of Nokia 6680 keypad schematic diagram.

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nokia 6680 keypad problem

nokia 6680 keypad problem