Friday, 25 November 2011

Nokia 7610 No Network | Signal Problem Picture Help

There are three main components on the Nokia 7610 network circuit, RF processor, duplexer (antenna switch), and Power Amplifier or often called PA. Every component show different symptom if they are damaged. For example, if the RF processor IC damaged, the phone can't detect the signal or network. Switch network option to manual and see the result, if the phone can detect the network, it mean that the RF processor still good, then check the PA. If you find unstable signal, check the duplexer (antenna switch).

Here, mobile repair provide some pictures relating to Nokia 7610 signal problem. The picture show you the main signal processor components in the Nokia 7610. Check them one by one and solve your problem.

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nokia 7610 network

nokia 7610 no network

nokia 7610 no signal