Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nokia 6303i Earpiece Speaker Problem Picture Help

Earpiece speaker problem on Nokia 6303i can be caused by several reasons, but the most often problem caused by the broken line in the speaker circuit. First step when you find this problem is to check the speaker itself by using the Ohm meter. If the resistance close to zero, it mean the part still in good condition. But if the resistance is too big, it mean the speaker damaged. Replace the speaker with the new one.

If the speaker still good, you can continue to the second step. The second step is to check the path in the audio circuit, in this case the path from the audio processor to the speaker. If there is a broken path or line, reconnect it using a thin wire, this technique called the jumper technique :). Here, mobile repair guide provide a picture relating to the Nokia 6303i speaker problem, it show you the audio circuit.

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Nokia 6303i speaker problem