Thursday, 8 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes

As a big smartphone vendor, Samsung has many cell phone variant, one of them and the most popular is Galaxy series. In this post, mobile repair will not share about hardware repair guide but we provide some secret codes for Samsung Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy Series

This secret codes including a code to check the software version, hardware and software information, check the battery status, factory reset, service mode, and full factory reset. Here are the list of code for Samsung Galaxy series.
  • *#1234# is a code to check the software version
  • *#12580*369# is a code to check the software and hardware information
  • *#0228# is code to check the Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)
  • *#32489# Service mode
  • *#7780# factory data reset galaxy y
  • *2767*3855# Full factory reset (Don't dial it does not ask you to confirm unless you have problem) 
That is the Samsung Galaxy series codes for users. Hopefully useful.