Friday, 9 October 2009

Nokia 8310 Mic Problem

The information we give this time is the information about the Nokia 8310. On the Nokia 8310 mobile phone is often a problem occurs in Microphone.
Problems with microphone can be caused by a broken line or a broken microphone. However, these days we have received 3 pieces Nokia 8310 mobile phone. Complaint is when to call, our voice was not heard by the other person.
At first we thought that the microphone is broken, but after we checked, still a good microphone. The next step we check the microphone channels, the result no broken lines.
It turned out after our study, the damage caused by installing the bolts on the mobile cracked bone, so that when we tighten the bolts, the PCB board is not attached properly due to loose bolts. This causes the connection between the microphone with the PCB board to be not perfect.
To fix this, replace bone or you can provide the lead on the microphone on the PCB. This is a simple step but provides a real solution.