Saturday, 24 October 2009

Nokia 2100 Signal Drop

After a long time not writing, this time I want to share about how to improve the signal problem on the Nokia 2100 mobile phone.
I found the problem this time is as follows:
When I first turned on, cell phone signal can be captured but a few seconds later the signal was lost immediately. I tried to find signal manually from setting menu, the result can detect any mobile cellular networks there. I thus conclude that the RF processor is not a problem.
Next I checked the Power Amplyfier. I pull the IC Power Amplyfier then I replace it with new. The result was still missing signal abruptly.
After I did some earlier, I finally have the conclusion that the damage occurred on the passive components in the vicinity of IC Power Amplyfier. After I check one by one, finally I found a damaged passive components, namely the capacitor C 760.
Location of these components can be seen in the picture below. After I replace these components, mobile phone back to normal.