Monday, 26 October 2009

Nokia N73 Handsfree Problem

Some time ago, there was a problem that very rarely happens. Actually, if this can be called stupid. Why do I say stupid? Here's the story:
Mobile that I use the Nokia N73. When I came home from a relative's house, then I put the phone on the table. Without my knowledge, my brother took my Nokia N73. He intended to listen to music through a hands-free but without him knowing it, he took the hands-free for Sony Ericsson W395 mobile phones.
When handsfree Sony Ericsson W395 is we put on the Nokia N73, is entered. But because the system does not detect the same, finally on my phone there is always a warning enhancement not supported.
Because I do not know the chronology of the beginning, I thought it was caused by a virus that damage the operating system. I think that because I often browse and download using the phone.
When I try to restore the phone settings to factory settings, it turns out that the warning is still there. Finally, after my in-depth analysis, I have concluded that to eliminate these warnings, we must install a suitable handsfree. Finally, after I install a suitable handsfree, especially the original, mobile phones back to normal.