Sunday, 15 November 2009

Damage around the Nokia E 70 (part 1)

In this section, Phone Repairing will discuss about the damage that often occurs in the Nokia E 70 mobile phone. The first part will be discussed is the Signal. The main components of this section is Z7503 (antenna switch), N7502, X7501 (antenna connector), X7502 (antenna connector), T7502 (Tx coupler), Z7504 (Tx filter 900 Mhz), N2200 (IC Power retu), B2200 (crystal osc 32 Khz).

Z7503 (Antenna Switch)
Antenna Switch is a component that can be easily damaged, very vulnerable if you have a strong impact. This component serves as a switch for the RX signal to the TX signal so that only one antenna is required to accommodate the needs of both the RX series (radio receiver) and TX (radio transmitter). If problematic, can cause no signal receiver or transmitter. In addition, can also cause the RX signal becomes weak, it is difficult to make calls.

Power Amplifier or sometimes called final amplifier is a component that serves to strengthen the signal is modulated TxRF, so it has enough power to reach the nearest base stations.
These components are relatively often damaged. In the event of damage, mobile transmitter system would be disrupted. Damage to these components will result in mobile phones can not make calls, not to call, no signal, wasteful batteries and others.

X7501 (Antenna Connector)
This connector is often problematic when the mobile phone with a hard knock. This component serves to connect the antenna to the PCB. If the connector is dirty, or if the antenna is not connected to this connector, will result in a weak signal, it is difficult to call and difficult to accept the call.
In the process of improvement, to ensure that the antenna is connected properly to the connector, we can use the 8 cm long wire that directly soldered to the antenna connector. If the signal improves, it is certain that there is damage in this section.

to be continued.....