Sunday, 15 November 2009

Damage around the Nokia E 70 (part 2)

We continue the discussion of the damage that often occurs on the Nokia E70.

T7502 (Tx Coupler)
This component is often called the balance unbalance. This component serves to create a balance signal to unbalance. This component works on 1800 Mhz frequency. If components are damaged, will cause the RF Tx signal at a frequency of 1800 Mhz impaired. This situation will create a mobile phone only works on 900 MHz frequencies, but when transferred to the frequency 1800 MHz, mobile problematic. This resulted in signal to arise drowned.

Z7504 (Tx Filter 900 MHz)
This component serves to filter the RF Tx signal to be emitted by the Power Amplifier. This component also change the RF signal to be balance unbalance. If this component is damaged, the symptoms that arise as damage to the T7502, but the phone problem at 900 MHz.

N2200 IC Power RETU
These components not only function as a supplier of electricity, but these components also regulate the function of audio, data SIM Card, vibrators, and much more. If this component is damaged, the symptoms that often arises is the mobile phone becomes dead, the audio problem, vibrators, and others. Please note that almost all IC contained in this mobile phone to take electricity from retu.