Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nokia 2100 and Nokia 3610 Contact Service Problem

Writing this time will discuss about the problems that occurs in Nokia 2100 and Nokia 3610. This time, the problem will be discussed is the damage to contact the service.
The background of this issue raised in the blog is because a lot of questions coming to us to overcome these problems. Among the questions coming to us, most damage occurs when they will replace the PPM files, but after the PPM files replacement process is complete, a new problem comes, the contact service.
This is a lot happening on the mobile phone Nokia 2100 and Nokia 3610. The cause of this damage is the original IMEI to the IMEI plain out of sync.
To overcome this damage, we can use the flasher tool commonly used by mobile technicians, the UFS Tornado. The first step, after you connect the phone with UFS Tornado, please see the information about the mobile phone by clicking the info menu on UFS Tornado interface.
Look carefully at the Cobba, what number is written? if the writing is -31, meaning the problem is not found in IC Cobba, but if the writing is -700, meaning Cobba IC is damaged. All right, we will discuss today are issues that are not on the Cobba IC.
Nokia 2100
Erase flash :
  • Start 00200000 end 003FFFFF and
  • Start 003F0000 end 003FFFFF
Nokia 3610
Erase flash :
  • Start 00200000 end 005FFFFF and
  • Start 005E0000 end 005FFFFF
Furthermore, you do flashing process as usual in the MCU and PPM. When finished, rebuild IMEI, adjust the IMEI number with the original, then do unlock. Good luck.