Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nokia 3650 Software Problems

Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600 and Nokia 7650 is the type of first-generation Nokia mobile phones that use Symbian operating system. Symbian operating system is very vulnerable to viruses, therefore, on mobile phones using Symbian operating system common to the software problems caused by viral interference.
Cases that we discuss this is the case of damage to the software the Nokia 3650. Symptoms that occur are mobile phones can not playing music. When the music player application is activated, the application can open but can not play music.
To overcome this, you must format the memory card and mobile phone. As for how to format the phone can be done in two ways, first you can use a box like UFS Tornado Flasher, then do the format on the user area. The second step is to perform manual format by pressing the code *#7370# ( mobile phone switched on by using the SIM Card ).
After you format the phone and memory card, reinstall the music player application and all will return to normal.


Anonymous said...

The phones basic outside is very, very attractive. It is smooth and rounded so not only it looks modern but it goes in your hand and pockets nicely. The lack of a antenna also makes it more form fitting and useful. The buttons are laid out in a rounded pattern, this takes some getting used to but it makes one-handed use MUCH easier. The large scrolling tool is very easy to use and it big, so no fingers will have a problem finding it. The screen is big and VERY clear. I have had some o the sprint !!!!!!!!!!!

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