Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Secret Codes for Nokia Mobile Phones

In this section, Phone Repairing will provide some free unlocking codes for Nokia mobile phones. Free codes that will be discussed below consists of a secret code to unlock the phones, to know the secret codes IMEI number, secret code to view the software version, secret codes to view private numbers and more.
Let us discuss one by one :
  1. Code to see the IMEI number is : press the button *#06#
  2. Code to view the software version, manufacture date and type of software compression : press *#0000# or if not work try : *#9999#
  3. Code to view call waiting status : press *#43#
  4. Code to view private number that contact your mobile phone : press *#30#
  5. Code to change the operator logo (especially for mobile phones Nokia 3310 and 3330) : press *#67705646#
  6. Code to show simlock status : press *#746025625#
  7. Code to set phone settings to factory settings : press *#7780#
  8. Code to show mobile phones serial number, production date, purchase date, recent repair date : press *#92702689#
  9. Code to show security code : press *#2640#
  10. Code to show bluetooth IP address : press *#2820#
  11. Code to activate EFR with the best sound quality : press *#3370#
  12. Code to activate EFR with lowest sound quality : press *#4720#
Thus some secret code for Nokia mobile phones, but among these codes, some codes are only valid for certain types only. Thanks.


kiran said...

Thanks for your secret codes..It's really useful for me..I am using the nokia 6500 which is locked to vodafone..I unlocked my mobile using the ..Can you give me the code to check the network lock status?