Monday, 18 January 2010

Nokia 3500 Classic switch on/off Problems

Some days I am busy with work offline, so this time I only had time to add the posting on this blog. We apologize to visitors if there is a question that responded late. Here's a troubleshooting guide for switching on / off button on the Nokia 3500 classic mobile phones. Damage to switch on / off mobile phones, mostly caused by a broken line, therefore, to be able to reconnect the broken lines correctly, we need help Schematic diagram.
In the case of the Nokia 3500 classic, here is a Schematic diagram of the switch on / off :

In Schematic diagram, we can see that the switch on / off connected to the ground and the L2405. Thus, the first step is to examine these points, whether connected with the good or not. If good, continue the examination of further components. And so on until the break point was found. The location of these components in the PCB board are as follows:

If you need a Schematic diagram of the Nokia 3500 in full, please download here.