Friday, 22 January 2010

Nokia DCT-4 Flashing Guide

Hello friends ...
Some days I am very busy with offline tasks so that I rarely update this blog. However, this time I want to go back to share information with friends all about doing tricks on the mobile phone flashing Nokia DCT-4 is the case this time I use the Nokia 1600.

The case this time is the mobile phone always restart. Of course we all understand that this is caused by damage or inconvenience caused to mobile phone software. However, when I try to do flashing, mobile phones do not want to go to the local mode. When I click the tab info on Tornado UFS interface, mobile data can not be read. Then I tried directly to flashing. At the time I did the flashing, to erase the first area, second and third successful, but in the fourth area failed process.
If you find a similar case as I have, you can try tricks like I do. We do the settings in the "Skip erase from the area" from the default value becomes the value of the failed area removed. However, these new tricks I tried on a mobile phone, so I myself can not conclude that this trick can be applied to other models with the same case. Nokia 1600 which I flash with these tricks are now back to normal.
The settings I do it you can see in the following picture :