Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nokia 3200 LCD Problem (Missing Component)

In a previous post, I've written and share picture guide / techniques in dealing with defective hardware jumper on the Nokia 3200. Although the phone is included in group old phone, but the reality is still a lot of my clients who come fix this phone.

Here I will share how to troubleshoot LCD Nokia 3200 is due to the missing component. The component that is often missing is the resistor that is located close to the power button. This often happens because the power button Nokia 3200 quite fragile, so easily damaged if frequently suppressed. This is often an effect of these two resistors. If you do not have the spare part to replace the resistor, you can make jumper technique by connecting the two points resistor.

So, when there is a problem on LCD Nokia 3200, you simply check point as shown in the following figure, and if the resistor is located near the power button missing, which is marked red in the picture, please do jumpers.

Download the picture here.