Friday, 21 January 2011

Vitell Mobile Phone Repair

On this occasion, mobile phone repair wanted to share the experience in repairing mobile phone brand Vitell. I do not know whether this phone is also available in other countries, but especially in my country, this phone is outstanding with a fairly cheap price. Vitell included in the class of the local mobile phone (China phone).

 The case that happens is the phone harder to start, but sometimes he wants is turned on, but suddenly died. After that had to wait a while, then turn on again and the phone can suddenly die.

These problems occur due to the RAM that worked less well. This can happen because of some things, damage to parts, or connections between components with the board is not good. In case I encountered, the problem occurs because the connection between the components with the board is not good, so the solution that I apply is to do reball on IC RAM. After that, the phone was back to normal.

Hopefully useful.