Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hard Reset Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy I9000

The smartphone with operating system often experience the OS or also called software problem. To fix or repair this problem, you have to re-install the operating system. In this post, mobile repair will share a trick related to the Samsung Galaxy I9000. This is a hard reset trick to solve the light software problem.

Hard Reset Samsung I9000

Here are the steps:
  1. Remove the battery and put it back
  2. Hold the volume up button and middle button (Home button)
  3. While holding this two button, press power button and release again (press the power button only once)
  4. It will pop up with hard reset menu
  5. Scroll down to Factory Reset using volume down button and then press the center button (Home button)
  6. Then press the volume button to select Yes Factory Setting, and then press the center button
  7. Select Reboot Device and press the center button
This trick has been tested and working! Good luck.