Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to download video from Instagram?

One fairly popular android application is Instagram, the application originally used to share pictures, but now instagram also have facilities for video sharing. The question is what if we want to download video from instagram so that we can rotate without having to have an internet connection? The answer is, we can download videos from instagram by using an application called Video Downloader for Instagram.

You can download Video Downloader for Instagram app on Google Play Store for free. Furthermore, after you install the application on the phone, following the steps to download the video from Instagram.
  1. Open a page that posted the video on Instagram, then click "copy share url"
  2. Then open applications Video Downloader for Instagram, then paste the link that has been copied in the available space.
  3. Next, you press the download button and wait for the process to complete. After that you can play the video at will without having to connect to the Internet (streaming).
Here is a picture guide to how to download videos from Instagram

For the record, this android application can only download videos on Instagram that is set as public by its owner, if the video is set to private mode, then you can not download the videos with this application.

Through this application, besides being able to download video from Instagram, you can also repost to your Instagram account, then you can also share to other apps such as whatsapp, Picasa, Skype, and others. So in other words, one application may work for a variety of needs.  

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