Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to turn off a group notification in Whatsapp

After a long time did not write the article, now I want to share to the readers about a trick for android users. If previously I often write articles about the repair of mobile phones, so in this article I will review on an Android application that is quite popular is WhatsApp. As we know that WhatsApp is a chat application that is very widely used by Android users. One of the features available in this application is the group feature that allows users to communicate with many people at one time. However, in addition to having many benefits, the existence of such groups can sometimes also disturb us, especially if we are not engaged in chat, while others constantly sending chat so that our smartphone receive many notifications of the WhatsApp group.

whatsapp notification
WhatsApp Notification
The picture above shows the notification of WhatsApp group, and notification is received within less than 3 hours. You can imagine in less than 3 hours, your phone receives nearly 1000 notification, is not that so disturbing? If you feel disturbed, you do not need to get out of the group, but enough to disable notification only.

Here are tips on how to disable notification of WhatsApp without having to exit from the group. However, the risk of this step is that you will miss a lot of the information contained in the group as long as you do not open the WhatsApp application.

  1. The first step, open the group you want to shut down notification.
  2. Touch the button in the top right corner, which is shaped like three points.
  3. Choose the mute menu
Furthermore, after you perform mute, you can set how long the notification will stop, there are several options ranging from hours to a matter of years.

Tips Android

That Android tips on how to disable WhatsApp notifications on your smartphone.

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